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name: Teemu
age: 19
gender: male
sexual orientation: Bi
height: ~190cm I guess?
hair color: at this time red and brown
favorite feature: dunno

home life
parent's marital status?: dad died allmost 7 years ago and my mom working hard
state/area you live in: Kanta-Häme
what does your room look like?: I live with my gf in apartment and I think it's cool :3
favorite food: asian and mexican food and so called Karjalanpaisti <3 ;u;
when do you usually go to sleep?:  ummm... I don't have regular time go to sleep
when do you usually wake up?: 9-12am?

right now
listening to?: nothing but if I do, maebyCODY SIMPSON - La Da Dee
eating: nothing right now, except my own fingernails
wearing: fox t-shirt and boxers and bandana on my head ;3
talking to: nobody
feeling: well... pretty neutral, maeby more happy ^^
happy about?: upcoming cruise to Stockholm! ;3;
sad about?: well I'm worried about mine best friend right now and just wanted to give him a big thight hug ;n;

song: Hmmm... I don't know that I really have :---D
person: :iconkitekraschu: & my best friend
member of your family: my dad but I also luv my mom but at this time I'm so dissapointed about my sis
animal: wolf & reptiles x3
thing to wear:  very loosy trousers and hoodiezzz
day of the week: saturday/friday
thing to do: driving, playing games, fursuitting and drawing :3
drink: green mad croc and diffrend kind of alcohol drinks x3
thing about yourself: hmmm... Trying to be everyones friend, maeby?
thing to talk about: car things, but I like to talk everything ^^

love life
single or taken?: engaged to that assbutt :'3 <3
crushing currently? I'm only crushed with my gf ^^
longest crush you've ever had?: ummm... dunno? :DD
first kiss?: hmmm... I think I was 12-13 yrs old when I kissed a girl first time xD
last person you kissed?: Kite of course xD
describe your crush: perfect for me ;u;
does your crush know you like them (if applicable): well, daa?! :DD

have you ever:
bungee jumped: no
gone skinny dipping: yes
smoked: yap, but I quit a little while ago
drank: yes and when I can have fun, still xDDD
done drugs: no and never going to try
self harmed: no
cried of joy: many times ;u;
been to the beach: no........ YES :DD
skipped school:  well... too many time for count :3
been suspended or expelled: allmost, 5 times x3
been on TV: no ;___;
made someone cry: yes... and feels bad now :'c but good ways too ^^
fallen in love: yap! ^^


Artist | Student | Digital Art
Loving your man/women is the most important thing in the world, but never forgot your friends or family or hobby.
Things you got make you rich, but losing one of thoese things makes you poor.
So hold on what you got and never lose the trust.
Love your life companion and family and friends, and show them that you care!
Cars are my life Stamp by FragmentChaos
do not even try hittin'


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